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You become 10 years younger in Yanggu

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Visitor Guide

Center of Korea, Yanggu, offers Yanggu City Tour.
From ecosystem to culture, and security experience,
Yanggu City Tour offers exciting and comfortable tour.

  • Touring Days

    1. Tuesday to Sunday Every Week / Other than the regular tour day for each course, the tour is provided for a group of at least 10 visitors

      Tourist attractions in Yanggu are closed on Mondays and the tour will not be provided, accordingly.

  • Touring Section

    1. Chuncheon Station – Attractions of Yanggu-gun
  • Place of Departure

    1. From Exit No. 1 of Chuncheon Station at 10:30 a.m.
    2. From Main office in Yanggu-eup at 11:20 a.m.
  • Packages

    요일별 운영상품
    M T W T F S S
    Closed Dutayeon Course Closed
    Punch Bowl Course Closed Punch Bowl Course
    Experience Course (1 Night 2 Days)

    Admission fee to the attraction, lunch, fee for experience program, and accommodation are not included

  • Reservation Guide

    1. Online Reservation (Pay the fee when boarding the bus on the tour day)
    2. Reservation for each course can be made until 16:00 the day before the tour day.
    3. If cancelled due to not enough number of visitors, we will call (or send a message to) you after 16:00 the day before the tour day.
  • Cancellation

    1. Internet or Telephone (Monday - Friday 09:00~ 18:00, +82-033-253-4567)
  • Bus Fee

    관광지별 버스 이용요금
    Course Day Adult, Student 3 Years Old ~ Preschool Child
    Dutayeon Course Tuesday - Saturday ₩8,000 ₩4,000
    Punch Bowl Course Tuesday - Friday, Sunday ₩8,000 ₩4,000
    1 Night 2 Days Course 1 night 2 days ₩15,000 ₩7,500

    2 Years Old or Younger: Free

  • Admission Fee to Attraction (64 to 13 Year Old Adult)

    관광지별 입장료 안내
    Division Full Fare City Tour Fees (50% Discount) Remarks
    Dutayeon ₩3,000 ₩1,500
    Yanggu Unification Hall(Eulji Observatory, The 4th Tunnel) ₩3,000 ₩1,500
    Park Soo Keun Museum ₩1,000 ₩500 Admission fee may vary during the period of special exhibition
    Yanggu Natural Ecology Park ₩3,000 ₩1,500 Admission fee may vary during the period of special exhibition

    Pay the admission fee to attractions in cash with the bus fee to the operating agency when boarding the City Tour bus

    Free admission to attractions for visitors in the City Tour 1 Night and 2 Days Course

    Experience fees (Sky zip, etc.)